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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


by Pablo C. Villasenor

Gemstones are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. It is hard to stop a zooming car on a freeway.
2. Having a scar, Nelia never put concealer to hide it.
3. Before I eat supper, I do twenty push ups.
4. Don’t scrub your face with coarse towel.
5. I told Ronald I am on dieting program.
6. Johanna met hysterical shoppers coming out from a burning department store.
7. It is not easy to snag a ten-fold napkin with bare hands.
8. The white pony, x-rayed several times, remained calm.
9. The raja declared a three-day celebration in honor of his godparents’ visit to his kingdom.
10. If you belong to a patrolling troop, always be ready for ambuscades.

Answers to Hidden Gemstones

Thursday, August 13, 2009


by Pablo C. Villasenor

Carpentry tools are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. The altar of the church is elegant.
2. The tribe of Levi settled among the other tribes to keep alive among them the knowledge and service of God.
3. Bob raced against time in saving his daughter from drowning.
4. They are considered small ethnic group in the Philippines.
5. Because he cannot do herding anymore, Abraham merged his sheep with that of his nephew's.
6. The kingpin certainly has connections with the gangsters.
7. A cucumber's tendril likes to cling on branchy structures.
8. Manila's Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue or EDSA was once called Highway 54.
9. The driver got confused with the road sign that says, “Stop, lane realignment ahead.”
10. Can you enter outer space?

Answers to Hidden Carpentry Tools

Saturday, August 8, 2009


by Pablo VillaseƱor

European capital cities are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. I will only file the case in court after I gather the necessary documents.
2. Marlon donated goodies and toys to the orphanage worth $5,000.
3. The novels of Ian Fleming featuring James Bond are well-known all over the world.
4. During December, new Christmas trees of varying designs are displayed inside the shopping centers.
5. Shall we order omelette for breakfast?
6. Upon seeing the truck, I eventually decided to flagged it down.
7. Benjamin's kite featuring a monkey on a spaceship won the top prize in the local kite-flying competition.
8. A family member linked his two cousins in yesterday's robbery.
9. Loreto slowed down as he approached the pedestrian crossing.
10. A bar made of steel is bonded with other metals to make it stronger.

Answers to Hidden European Capital Cities