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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


by Pablo C. Villasenor

American states are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. His radio was old, that is why he bought a new one.
2. Inside a lab, a magnetic field was discovered.
3. The gardener cut a hanging vine on the driveway.
4. The womanizer paid a horrifying price for his wrongdoings.
5. When you enter the region of Piedmont, a national symbol can be seen on the eastern side.
6. From behind, I analyzed the situation, which gave me a clearer understanding of the hostage drama happening inside the building.
7. By following the advices of my mama, I never got into trouble during my teenage years.
8. In an Italian boat store, gondolas of various sizes are for sale.
9. Just outside the citadel, a warehouse full of weapons is tightly secured.
10. It is unbelievable to see a koala skating.

Answers to Hidden American States

Friday, September 11, 2009


by Pablo C. Villasenor

Musical instruments are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. I will only come to the party if I feel so.
2. As he entered the shop, Ian ordered hurriedly two bottles of vodka and a dozen cans of beer.
3. Don Octavio left all his inheritance to his beloved dog named Bruce.
4. Also known as grey wolf, a lobo eats meat just like any other wild animals.
5. The flow of lahar particularly affected the provinces of Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales, and Bataan.
6. The water lily remained alive for couple of weeks even without water.
7. In Central African Republic’s capital Bangui, tarantulas are sometimes used for entertainment.
8. Either goose or gander is considered for the animal competition.
9. Helen does not eat either fish or nut because she has an allergy.
10. The language called Bantu basically spoken by the people in the Congo-Niger region in Africa.

Answers to Hidden Musical Instruments

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


by Pablo C. Villasenor

African capital cities are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. As he was examining a cytoplasm, a rare colorful mole appeared on the latter’s center.
2. A fan of Obama kowtowed as he entered a church in downtown Chicago.
3. A man wearing turban guided the stranger to the train station.
4. The kebab is saucy enough so no need for more gravy.
5. During our welcome party for Danica, I roasted two medium-sized chickens and a turkey.
6. The lahar areas are mostly the towns situated near the volcano.
7. A Pashtun is a member of a Pashto-speaking ethnic people living on the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
8. Ramon attended a karate class when he was still in highschool.
9. With his skills and alertness, the aviator abated the total wreckage of his plane.
10. Mr. Portillo mentioned in his earlier testimony that he indeed saw the suspect entered the shop on the night of the robbery.

Answers to Hidden African Capital Cities

Saturday, September 5, 2009


by Pablo C. Villasenor

Insects are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. Arman, together with Dino robbed the bank in just five minutes.
2. Her suitor was pretending to be a business magnate.
3. Abhor network games that are violent in nature.
4. When Frank entered the lab, eerie smell and creepy sounds greeted him.
5. Silver beet leaves are appropriate ingredients to soupy dishes.
6. As numbered by the Catholic Church, the First Council of Lyon was the 13th Ecumenical Council.
7. A man from Malibu got three traffic violation tickets in one day.
8. Aram, others consider it as the modern-day Syria, is a region mentioned in the Bible that stretched from the Lebanon mountains eastward across the Euphrates.
9. During Easter, miters are worn by clergymen.
10. Mr. and Mrs. Ramos quit official duties as chairman and CEO following a libel case filed against them.

Answers to Hidden Insects