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Saturday, June 13, 2009


by Pablo C. Villaseñor

Colors are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. Either envy or anger is considered sin.
2. It was timely that the reporter edited her news just before the actual broadcast.
3. Bob lacks the so-called x-factor that is why he was not successful in bringing home the title as one of the sexiest men in the world.
4. To some people, today’s shining rays of the sun are indicators of next day’s good weather.
5. There is a shop in Kenya that only sells deer meat.
6. Her left eyebrow never fades because it is a tattoo.
7. He crushed the ice before putting it in the blender.
8. An open gate always welcomes visitors.
9. The icy Antarctica is the home of most penguins.
10. After weeks of waiting, the loyal militia quashed the rebellion staged by the disgruntled soldiers.

Answers to Hidden Colors


by Pablo C. Villaseñor

Chemical elements are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. The archaeologist thought it was just an ordinary bone, only to find out later that it was that of a dinosaur.
2. Myra donated all her inheritance to the orphanage.
3. The zookeeper found the cat inside the men’s toilet.
4. Jacob altered his facial appearance in order to pass the enemy line unnoticed.
5. The second brightest star in the constellation Perseus is Algol, described as the first known and most famous eclipsing binary.
6. The herdsman could not control the oxen once they see their female counterparts.
7. You buzz in case the door is locked.
8. The flagpole adjacent to the electric tower was also hit by lightning.
9. Most of the employees use the stair only during brownouts.
10. Members of the German band Trio dined with their avid fans on an open-space commercial area.

Answers to Hidden Chemical Elements


by Pablo C. Villaseñor

Fruits are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. Emily cheers aggressively for her favourite football team.
2. Many multinational companies ban analysts from making financial forecasts that may trigger economic panic.
3. Pitcher Ryan always throws the ball in a graceful manner.
4. After ransacking the shop, the thug raped the storeowner.
5. If you are sick, I will bring you to the hospital.
6. Faith and hope are virtues worth internalizing.
7. Shall I meet the prime minister?
8. Betty’s nape ached after falling from the ladder.
9. There is a saying that every man goes blind in his heart.
10. Richard’s papa yawned during the ecumenical service.

Answers to Hidden Fruits


by Pablo C. Villaseñor

Car brand names are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. The police chief ordered his men to cease firing on the fallen robbers.
2. Do not trash old envelopes because they can be recycled.
3. Sapsali and saluki are breeds of dogs.
4. The cruiser overturned when hit by a missile.
5. Either a map or schema is useful in locating hidden treasures.
6. In securing the house of a raja, guards are posted in concealed areas.
7. Alex used his lotto winnings in purchasing his dream house located near the coastline.
8. The craftsman is sanding the wooden window panels before installing them.
9. Central African Republic’s former military ruler Jean-Bedel Bokassa abolished the Constitution of 1959 when he assumed power on 01 January 1966 by way of coup d’etat.
10. In data transmission, a baud is a unit of speed equivalent to one bit per second.

Answers to Hidden Car Brand Names

Friday, June 12, 2009


by Pablo C. Villaseñor

Birds are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. After one week, I will tell you my research findings.
2. In the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was defeated.
3. Eric ran energetically during the marathon.
4. Her left eyebrow looks abnormal.
5. Ruben had oven toaster even before he purchased a microwave oven.
6. The new tax on liquors and cigarettes is an additional cost rich people can easily afford.
7. George Bernard Shaw, known as the first person to be awarded both the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Oscar, was an Irish playwright.
8. With a scalpel, I can dissect a frog.
9. The pastor knew that one of his churchgoers is having an illicit affair.
10. In a beer festival, large mugs were given to heavy drinkers.

Answers to Hidden Birds


by Pablo C. Villaseñor

Dogs are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. After discovering the leak, I talked to a plumber to immediately fix my sink.
2. They are said to be on halfmast if flags are hanging halfway of the poles.
3. Zookeepers rub eagles' wings with some kind of oil to make them shinier.
4. He can't believe that the scrap lotto ticket he found on the sidewalk has the winning number combinations.
5. Bob is bending a metal sheet to be used for his garage door.
6. Aladdin goes into the cave without lamp.
7. The owner of the cafe is thanking all his customers for tasting his new latte.
8. The Talmud is a collection of rabbinic discussions pertaining to Jewish law, ethics, culture, and history.
9. She put a piece of wet towel on my face to refresh me.
10. Mr. Santos accepted his award from the university president with an amazement on his face.

Answers to Hidden Dogs

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


by Pablo C. Villaseñor

Olympic host cities are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. With his vast inheritance, Marlon donated a third of it to the orphanage.
2. Donna and Rachel sink in a quick sand.
3. A well-paved path ensures the safety of road users.
4. Mr. Ramos' coward bodyguards abandoned him during the coup d'etat.
5. During the Battle of Eniwetok, young soldiers valiantly fought the well-trained enemies.
6. I told my friend, "After taking a nap, arise and have a cup of coffee on the veranda."
7. Leo's hamster damaged his clothes and other personal belongings.
8. Beginning September, link routes going to the suburbs surrounding the city will be implemented.
9. The name Cicero means chickpea.
10. The Italian region of Piedmont really amazes the tourists because of its unique location of being surrounded on three sides by the Alps.

Answers to Hidden Olympic Host Cities


by Pablo C. Villasenor

Pastas are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. Luigi glided his plane to avoid serious damage.
2. When I got the torch, I ordered my men to proceed inside the dark cave.
3. The water I sipped was enough for me to quench my thirst.
4. When I heard the buzz, I tipped off my superior to immediately secure the vault.
5. For Sandra, violin is the best musical instrument.
6. Victor zoomed his camera's lens to capture a more detailed picture of the dolphin.
7. An epic is a long narrative poem highlighting the feats of heroes who performed valiant deeds.
8. Superman tied the hands of five thieves in just a matter of seconds.
9. I visited Italian cities, including other European towns in the last two years.
10. Maita’s uniquely-designed ballpen never blots.

Answers to Hidden Pastas