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Sunday, January 10, 2010


by Pablo C. Villasenor

International radio code words are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. It is strange that Bernard does not want to show his keyboard to the computer technician.
2. John's scalp has red patches.
3. Did you keep a pair of earrings as souvenirs?
4. After devouring a relatively large rat, the cobra vomited.
5. Antonio's caravan was flagged down by police operatives.
6. The supermodel talks about her plans of entering politics.
7. With the use of masticated gum, I kept the container from disintegrating.
8. Did he choose wisely?
9. The poachers shot elephants with high caliber firearms.
10. With a small stick, I loosened the rope tied around me.

Answers to Hidden International Radio Code Words

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