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Saturday, December 19, 2009


by Pablo C. Villasenor

American states' capital cities are hidden in each sentence below. Can you find them? Happy searching!

1. The 10-year old child overpowered the 12-year old bully.
2. You cannot rent one dozen DVDs in one day.
3. The researcher devised a chart for determining the progress of the project.
4. Rosanna polished the shoes of her husband.
5. The deacon cordially invited his parishioners to a get-together.
6. The captain and the corporal ban yellow ribbons inside the camp.
7. Bob Dylan sings very well.
8. The food and water supply of the nomad is only good for five days.
9. I am sure that citrus is a lemon.
10. The jail warden verified the release documents of the prisoner.

Answers to Hidden American States’ Capital Cities

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